How to Build Your Own Cold Frame

Posted on by linnea

Growing food in Los Angeles, I haven’t had much need to experiment with cold frames. However up in the Owens Valley where I interned this summer there was much excitement about extending the season into the freezing winter. Chard on ice! Spinach in the snow! The Four Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman was making the rounds, which is full of inspiring and easy ways to winterize your crops. In mid-September, with winter looming near, I thought it would be a good time for a ‘build your own cold frame workshop’. All wood for the project was scrounged from the Lone Pine town dump and a window was foraged, making the total cost of this project under $5, just for screws. Below is a copy of the handout I made for the workshop, you can download the full-size pdf here.

The workshop was pretty well attended, and I can’t wait to see those cold frames in use when I come back for a visit in January!

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