A little skeptical

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I’m currently in Sydney, visiting some friends before starting up work at Milkwood Permaculture in a week! The day after I got here I went to a great beginners gardening workshop put on for free by the Green Living Center. The workshop taught participants how to build up a little container garden using the principles of no-dig gardening. I’ve used the no-dig layering method in raised beds before, and to be honest I’m a little skeptical that it will work as well in a container. But I made one up at the workshop for the back patio of my dear friends Jonny and Suzi, and we’ll just see how its looking in a few months.

The basic principle of no-dig is that you are creating soil by layering compost pile materials (straw, manure, grass clippings, leaves) and planting directly into this lasagna. The layers should slowly break down into “soil” over the course of the season. Below is a diagram of how this principle translates into a container. We used cane sugar straw, which I’d never heard of before, and various kinds of manure (chicken, sheep, cow) for the layering. A handful of compost was placed in the center, and a capsicum (sweet pepper) planted directly into the compost. Go capsicum go!

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