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The past few weeks I have regularly been in a position to eat as many blueberries as I want. Believe me, this is a quite the dangerous situation. I had my last official day in the blueberry patch on Thursday … Continue reading


Heliotropism is the movement of plant parts throughout the day with the direction of the sun. Working in the greenhouse for the past month has made me particularly aware of this slow motion plant dance. The sunflower babies pictured below … Continue reading

Bell beans

Welcome to inaugural installment of Know Your Cover Crop! Cover crops are essentially non-cash crops planted to nourish and insulate the soil. During their growth cover crops protect the soil from being swept away by wind or rain or baked … Continue reading

No-Dig Container Success

After two months, the little pepper I planted in a no-dig container is doing great! I should have never doubted the Australians. Despite being tucked away on my friends’ back patio which doesn’t get great light, its grown super fast … Continue reading

One Way to Plant Tomatoes

A few weeks back was time for tomato planting in New South Wales. Heading into mid-November, the danger of frost had just passed and this southern-hemisphere Spring was finally warming up. Since my track record raising tomatoes is pretty shoddy, … Continue reading

A little skeptical

I’m currently in Sydney, visiting some friends before starting up work at Milkwood Permaculture in a week! The day after I got here I went to a great beginners gardening workshop put on for free by the Green Living Center. … Continue reading

How to Build Your Own Cold Frame

Growing food in Los Angeles, I haven’t had much need to experiment with cold frames. However up in the Owens Valley where I interned this summer there was much excitement about extending the season into the freezing winter. Chard on … Continue reading

A Worm Bin Experiment

I know, exciting stuff. The ranch where I am currently interning had two, well-functioning worm bins when I came on board a few months back. So well-functioning, that it soon came time for one worm bin to be harvested for … Continue reading